If Children Were Like Computers

If children were like computers, the education system would be a very different place.

Public school would be much less popular as an educational choice. Every time your child contracted an infection from the other children in his or her group, s/he would not only be sent home, but would have to un-learn everything s/he knew and start over from preschool again.

That might not be so bad in kindergarten, but by the sixth grade, re-learning the alphabet would get pretty old.

It’s probably a good thing that children aren’t like computers.

Speaking of which, I think I might start homeschooling Linus. When he gets back from the hospital. After he relearns his name. The other “children” in his “group” keep giving him the flu, and somehow the IT center doesn’t think hand sanitizer will do the trick.

This whole starting over from scratch thing is not my favorite. Just saying…

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It’s Monday.


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2 thoughts on “If Children Were Like Computers

  1. IF children were like computers, you could program them to do your instructions. You would know if they disobeyed, they had a virus and it wouldn't be their fault. No sin!

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