O Resolutions Mine

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

In celebration, I’ve decided to return to a tradition begun last year–that of the New Year’s Un-Resolution, otherwise known as stating the obvious. 🙂

In review: this year I did not resolve to watch Veggie Tales more regularly. I did not stop (permanently) writing for my blogs. I still trip on giant dust bunnies named Bob in my room. My snooze button is still fully functional. Chaotic Christmas letter–check. No relationship status on Facebook. Despair.com–check. Alliteration–all the time. Big words–indubitably. Serious resolutions? Ha.

So, as Miss Stacy so poetically put it–“tomorrow is another day.” Or was that Annie? Ahem.

Un-Resolution number ONE

I will not become addicted to Facebook applications…unless I do.

Un-Resolution number TWO

I will probably still dance around my kitchen on a regular basis.

Un-Resolution number THREE

I will never cease to make fun of the Twilight craze, even if I eventually read the books.

Un-Resolution number FOUR

I will drink no more or less coffee than I will drink this year.

Un-Resolution number FIVE

My computers will have names, will protest loudly at every opportunity, and will probably with a high likelihood of chance “lose” a few important files each semester.

Un-Resolution number SIX

I will make an average of two random comments or non-transitionalized remarks containing an average of one made-up word every fifteen minutes of most of my interactions.

Un-Resolution number SEVEN

I will refuse to wear rubber rain boots on campus, purely on principle. Unless I give in.

Un-Resolution number EIGHT

I will not gain a substantially higher quantity of artistic talent extending beyond rhapsodies over the stairs I trip up and the occasional caffeine-induced 3 a.m. short story or song lyric that is never written down.

Un-Resolution number NINE

I will spend at least fifteen minutes griping about the fact that all dressy shoes sizes 9 and above have a three-inch heel, regardless of the actual facts, whatever they may be. I said regardless of the facts, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Un-Resolution number TEN

I will most likely write another post very much like this one next year. Can’t wait, can you?


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