Merry Christmas!!!

Today at the mall, doing my traditional Christmas Eve shopping and people-watching, a few things, as every year, caught my eye:

1) The number of adults leaning precariously over the railing to catch a glimpse of Santa on the floor below.
2) The men – props to you – sitting and waiting on the benches outside a store. Only one asleep, a few teens, many holding bags.
3) The men – the few, the brave – holding women’s clothing items up to their own body in front of a mirror to figure out if the significant (female) other will like it.
4) The scarcity of Santa hats (one).
5) The beauty of a smile and a “Merry Christmas!”

Much as we like to pretend otherwise, there’s a lot to be said for the small child in each of us who wants to giggle and finds it hard to go to sleep tonight…

Merry Christmas!


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