Observations from orientation Friday:

-Free food is a grad student’s incentive to attend meetings.
-I have a geeky love of libraries, and an inexplicable ability to get lost in big ones.
-I might have a job in the campus writing center.
-Registration is much simpler as a grad student.
-Related: Department secretaries are priceless.
-Smirking at undergrads compensates somewhat for being broke for two years +.
-Paying for books never gets easier. Especially as an English grad student.
-Used bookstores and Amazon.com are my Friends.
Orientation continues today with a NEW (except probably not new, so I’ve heard) COMPUTER (shh…Marvin might hear, and we still have to get through the morning)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus a 2-hour computer orientation (ugh), and then a welcome party tonight. And more bookstore in between. Oh the joys…

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