Seven Days, Marvin

Seven days, Marvin. Seven days.

You have seven days to convince me that I secretly love you and don’t want to replace you with that new computer the grad school will be giving me. Seven days to convince me that a new ThinkPad is no better than a 3-year-old Compaq. Seven days to start running quickly, quietly, with a functional touchpad and mouse, and not freezing, virus scanning excessively, or randomly mutating my files.
Seven days.
Seven days.

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One thought on “Seven Days, Marvin

  1. And the new Thinkpad comes with tech support from the school, right? Or maybe that's only for med students.I think Marvin's going to be kicked to the curb…though personally I wouldn't put much trust in his replacement either, but he should last more than three years. 🙂

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