Further proof is in the texting

You know for certain that you’re an English major geek if you become insanely frustrated by your inability to type apostrophes on your cell phone, and you stop sending text messages that require the words “it’s” “I’m” or “we’ll”. 

Large interstates have gas stations every few miles, right? So why can’t they have dancing stations every twenty miles or so, for stress relief? I think that would go a long way toward decreasing road rage. Just sayin’… Take note, DOT.


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2 thoughts on “Further proof is in the texting

  1. Or if you feel the need to comment on your own post so you can clarify that “it’s” “I’m” and “we’ll” are actually contractions, not words. Major geek points.

  2. Ha, I find myself using very, very proper english in text messages because I don’t feel like scrolling all the way to the apostrophe!

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