The Revenge of the Fish

I love Goldfish® crackers. I love them in a bag. I love them in a box. I love them in a carton. I love them in the multi-p(ox).* But, apparently, Goldfish® crackers do not suffer forever the rampant gormandizing of our species. Sometimes, they fight back. Yesterday, I fell victim to one such attack. ItContinue reading “The Revenge of the Fish”

Locavino: Grove Winery & Vineyards

Although I have explored many of the wineries in my native Yadkin Valley, the Haw River Valley, encompassing parts of Greensboro and Burlington, was largely unknown to me. On a misty Saturday morning in mid-January*, I found myself with time to spare on an eastward transit of Interstate 40. Having recently cleared a few spotsContinue reading “Locavino: Grove Winery & Vineyards”

The North in N.C. Eateries

“In 1956, Mike opened the small shop in the sea-side town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. …Mike was unique in that the product he was offering was a relatively new item in American society – the submarine sandwich.” Today, Jersey Mike’s boasts more than 600 locations, including three franchises in and around my hometown ofContinue reading “The North in N.C. Eateries”