The Court in Session (2/3)

…continued from part one… In line at the court house, people wore everything from tattered jeans and flipflops to stylish blouses and business suits. Heavy jewelry. Some speaking Spanish. Some with family members. A few babies in strollers. Teenagers in cutoff shorts. Elderly women with powdered hair and bright pink lipstick. Now and then, lawyersContinue reading “The Court in Session (2/3)”

When Icebergs Sank My Computer

Today was another frustrating example of why cavemen never invented computers. They were close enough to the Ice Age to know they didn’t need another one on a 12 x 15 screen. …hmm…it made sense in my head. My computer was busily updating itself from approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. I was attempting toContinue reading “When Icebergs Sank My Computer”