Alas, the Flame

Proverb A flame is always a double-edged sword. Example When putting out the ember of multiple candles by pinching the wicks between two damp fingers,  the first candle may leave soot on one’s forefinger and thumb, encouraging the use of an alternate, clean finger for subsequent candles. However, the structure of the human hand isContinue reading “Alas, the Flame”


Proverbial Wisdom (3)

Proverb One cannot geographically demarcate the sphere of influence for physical rules that are not related to physical space or geography. Furthermore, any potential sphere of protection provided by a geographically delimited space does not travel with individuals once they leave said space. Example The fair comes to town and sets up within its high-archedContinue reading “Proverbial Wisdom (3)”

Proverbial Wisdom

ProverbIt is a false logic to presume that love of an activity precludes the consideration of extenuating circumstances when determining the wisdom of the aforementioned activity. ExampleI love to run barefoot. Usually, running barefoot is a great idea. Yesterday, I consulted this logic and went for a short run barefoot, on the sidewalk, at noon.Continue reading “Proverbial Wisdom”