Proverbial Wisdom (2)


One cannot accurately judge the damage caused by an action until one is on the other side of a hot shower and a full night’s sleep.


If a person were playing Frisbee and decided to slide on one knee across a patch of dried grass, the damage might seem minor. The burning sensation could be ignored in order to continue playing the game. The reddish color might seem insignificant at dusk. The subsequent judgment might be: it’s no big deal. Keep running and, hypothetically, diving on the same leg.


The first rush of water in the shower is one clue: this might have been a bad idea. By 1 a.m., the bed covers feel like a cross between a brillo pad and a wax treatment. Two days later, the person in question realizes maybe she undervalued that skin just a little…

Lesson learned, proverb. Lesson learned.


Published by Jen

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