Do you ever have those days when you just feel incompetent, no matter how many things you do well?

Symptoms of one of those days:

  • Failing to check off one of the two items on your to-do list
  • Being late to a tutoring session
  • Spilling tea on your pants
  • Handing the wrong exact change to a cashier
  • Opening a box of Christmas ornaments too quickly and spraying glitter all over your face
  • Hitting yourself in the face when slamming (palming, Allen Iverson-style) the lid of an industrial recycling bin
  • Jamming the tape dispenser five times in a row
  • Getting a hand cart stuck on the door sill, ramming it into your shin, then running over your foot with it
  • Tossing empty boxes toward the recycling area, only to have the wind pick them up and fling them all over the parking lot
  • Dropping handfuls of neatly stacked papers all over the floor
  • Having to look up the terms “hand cart,” “door sill,” “palming,” and “recycling bin” because your brain refuses to think of them on its own

All purely hypothetical, of course.



Published by Jen

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