Part .9999999998

(I hesitate to call it part one, because I’m not sure yet what “part one” actually means.)

As of the post-midnight hours of the morning, Orlando is now on his first visit to the pediatrician (i.e. my adviser) for a check-up. In the last four days, he grew by about 18 pages, so he’s now closer to his projected age/size ratio. However, the word is now that s/he may end up a little bigger than formerly expected. That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I’m not really feeling the separation anxiety. More like the I-don’t-think-I-want-to-hear-the-doctor’s-report anxiety.

However, while I’m still doing research on my next/first chapter, I’m also enjoying the chance to work on a creative writing piece I started last year. I like writing dialogue. Much better than deconstructing it. That’s all.


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