It Might Be Midterms…

1) If you begin to compete with the other cars to be the last to leave the commuter parking lot at night, and are irritated because one car beat you out.

2) If your top coffee shop comment card complaint is a shortage of power outlets and the time limit on the free wireless.

3) If your diet suddenly necessitates additional carbohydrates solely to absorb the excess caffeine.

4) If you secretly run laps up and down the library stairs at 11 p.m. in order to stave off the madness of the graduate study room.

5) If you feel under an imperative to update your blog instead of writing a paper, partly because it makes you feel less guilty than being on Facebook.

Three more days.


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4 thoughts on “It Might Be Midterms…

  1. 6.) If building a fort out of books is the only thing left that makes you smile.7.) If wooden library tables begin to suspiciously look like comfortable beds.

  2. 8.) If you start mixing sports metaphors with Shakespeare quotes, producing odd results like "It's a 'seventh game of man' kind of day."

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