Turkey in a Clean House

Shh… don’t look now, but my house is clean. Don’t blink – it might disappear if you do.

You know you’re turning into a grown-up when what excites you about Thanksgiving break is the chance to clean the house. It’s really kind of sad, but I spent most of the day doing just that, and reveling in NOT doing work that required my brain to be functional.

But I’m excited about more than that: Christmas music becomes permissible in TWO DAYS!!! Sorry if you missed the memo (the stores definitely have), but playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a dreadful holiday faux pas.

In other news, the Christmas tree stands are beginning to pop up around town, and unfortunately, so are the crazy shoppers and tense, frustrated faces in line. It’s kind of sad how quickly it starts. You’d think Joy to the World (which I didn’t hear because I was good and blocked my ears to avoid breaking that all-important holiday rule about not listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving) would override the fear that someone else might get the last box of New Moon Jell-O with the free Jacob’s…face temporary tattoo.

Guess that’s a bit much to ask. That tattoo will be worth a lot on Ebay. Someday.

But in the meantime, I want to take a minute to list off some of the things I’m thankful for this year…

  • Food, warm houses, friends and family;
  • Turkey. And cranberry sauce;
  • The end of David Lynch movies, for me at least;
  • The mere 53 pages of writing standing between me and the end of the semester;
  • The fact of being alive at the almost-end of the semester; and,
  • Grace to cover my sarcasm, crankiness, and general obsession with me-ness.

Safe travels, happy eating-and-shopping-in-maddeningly-long-lines-at-five-a.m., and see you on the other side!!


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  1. "You know you're turning into a grown-up when what excites you about Thanksgiving break is the chance to clean the house."well, you passed me then.way to be old, though. ;-P-charles

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