High on a hill was a lonely…sock

Sometimes life is just like that.

You lose a sock somewhere in the deep recesses of space-time, otherwise known as BusyLifeMessyRoomSockEatingLaundry. You hang on to the poor, widowed sock for a suitable grieving period, in hopes that its MIA partner will soon be found.
But then, you just have to cut it loose and send it to the special home for widowed socks (a.k.a. the trash), unless you happen to be a connoisseur of sock-wallets or sock-cell-phone-holders or sock-mug-warmers (*eww*), which I’m not.
It never fails. Less than a week later, just long enough for the trash to reach the dump, bingo: house cleaning, missing sock found. Throwing that second sock away now seems doubly wasteful, not to mention cruel, but what else can you do? 
Maybe save it and try to matchmake it with the next sock to lose a partner to the BLMRSEL? But I doubt they’d just randomly have enough e-Harmony compatibility points to make it work. So what can you do?
See, sometimes life is just like that.

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  1. I almost had that problem today too when i was washing all my clothes from camp. Yet my sock wasn't MIA as I found it later 😉 luv ya girl!

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