A Look Back at 2011…

10…typically causes one to crash into 2012 with unfavorable results.

[and other bits of wisdom I’ve garnered in the past year]

9…A cough should not last a month; however, repeating the refrain, “I’ll get it checked out tomorrow” for 29 days is likely to produce this outcome.

8…Remembering to take a picture of the odometer at 99,999 miles may decrease, rather than increase, the odds of remembering to photograph the odometer at 100,000 miles.

7…Typos happen. They happen even on the first page of a many-times-proofread thesis. They often wait to reveal themselves until the document in question has been published and bound.

6…The Coffee-Drinker‘s Catch-22: until you’ve had your morning coffee, it is practically impossible to drink coffee without spilling it down your shirt or splashing it on your computer.

5…Pre-coffee tea drinking does not bypass the Coffee-Drinker’s Catch-22. Even if it’s caffeinated.

4…Don’t mess with the warty pumpkins. They will destroy you, one jot of self-worth at a time.

3…Whether in writing or in life, transitions are a beast.

2…The plague of “lasts” is unavoidable. For that reason…

1…Whether you have two years or only 300 words, make it good.

Goodbye, 2011!
Hello, 2012!!
Happy New Year!!!

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