1 day to Aotearoa

Today is packing day. After submitting my work project at 1:15 this morning, everything is a bit fuzzy on the uptake, but things are going in my bag, and they’re probably things I need.


Thoughts of the morning

It feels strange to be digging out my polypro and wool socks and gloves while it’s a steamy 95+ degrees outside.

I am going to New Zealand tomorrow.

Very glad I realized the passport I had copied for my parents was the (expired) temporary one, not the one that’s current. Would have been bad to get to the airport and realize I had the wrong passport. *shudders*

I am going to New Zealand tomorrow.

There are a thousand and one things I “should have” read to prepare for my research. And have not read. And I’m still going to New Zealand tomorrow.

I know I will forget things. And I’m still going to be in New Zealand.




And there you have it. Pre-trip mental state 101. Gotta love it.


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