Push-ups for Tall People

I have long wondered why push-ups, in particular, are the bane of my best intentions to get in shape. Surely there must be a reason! Well, at last, I think I have found one. Behold these two visual representations of why push-ups are more difficult for tall people.

(And just so we’re clear, I’m talking honest-to-goodness push-ups, here. None of that half-hearted stuff they call “lady push-ups.”)

laddersafetyIllustration #1

The proportions are never quite right. Observe:

Imagine a push-up to be a ladder angled horizontally up from the ground. Now let’s do some calculations, just hypothetical ones:

  • 5′ 10″ tall (70 inches)
  • ~30-33″ arms
  • 70 / 30 does not equal 4.

Something is a trifle off with the ratio suggested by the experts.

Danger! Danger! Ladder safety violation!

Illustration #2.

Compare the stability and balance:


The British man in the red shirt agrees. No offense, extension ladder, but I rest my case.

(Also, Newton agrees.)

Yeah. I should stop whimpering now and just go to the gym.


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