Tiny Thing Tuesdays: Spoons

Day-to-day life is full of stresses. I recently shared with you my secret method of dealing with them: tiny things.

That’s why I’m introducing a new blog series, “Tiny Thing Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday (until the stresses overwhelm me or the end of the year), I will share with you my latest and minute-but-greatest finds in the field of tiny things.

This week is brought to you by tiny spoons:

Tiny Spoon sculpting tool by AMCreatures
Tiny Abraham Lincoln will thank you.
Miniature Spoon and Bowl by TerraCantata
Fairies, elves, and dolls, oh my!
TINY SHELL Repurposed Metal Spoon Ring by truformjewelry
It is TINY! It’s in the name.

Ta-daa! Consider yourself ready for whatever this Thanksgiving week can throw at you. Tiny triumphs FTW!


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