Little life lessons

Life is full of little lessons.

I was driving down the interstate to a meeting with my boss earlier this week. An unlucky, large dragonfly chose that opportunity to fly toward me, and he ended up wedged in my windshield wiper. For the next 30 minutes, I was privileged to watch his slow and torturous death.

This was not one of life’s little lessons, unless it was to keep your windshield wipers going constantly because the squeaking of wipers on dry glass is better than the sounds of dying bugs. Really, it was just an interesting tidbit.

Sometimes, however, like the bug, ideas come out of nowhere and stick to your brain, capturing your attention and making you think.

I have been volunteering at a community theater in my area. Before the show, I helped with the final stages of building and installing the set. During the show, I am working as a “dresser,” someone who helps the actors accomplish quick costume changes.

The actors are busy people, and in the eyes of the audience, they are the important part of the show. They aren’t required to show appreciation to the backstage workers, but the ones who do stand out from the ones who don’t like a clean glass in the middle of a pile of dirty dishes.

Actors often want to help as much as possible with the costume change. What they don’t realize is that it is easier for the dressers if they just stand still.

I started thinking about how often I try to “help” God do His job. I want to judge on His behalf; I want to sit around wiping dust off my neighbors’ windshields while I ignore the giant bug on my own. What if, instead of helping, all I am doing is getting in the way?

It’s amazing the ideas that cross your mind when you are driving down the interstate or helping someone put on an apron.


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